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Great start back here - so nice to be back home away from home again. The first of the kids summer surf camps took off this week - 7 great little little irish feckers - some local, some from the east coast, all in caravans, pumped, psyched, frothing... today, lovely compared to monday & tuesday which were a fury of foam, swirling currents with sticky little fingers, sucking at you into the deeper depths - tickled everywhere and mostly most inappropriately...

No, today was just lovely, bit of sun, spat of rain here and there but it was warm, lovely and warm. After an uneventful down patrol up to the next county north to hunt those seldom spoken of slabs of rock, submerged reefs rife with kelp or evil draining left-handers with lips washed red with the terrors of misjudged split-second calculations of fluid dynamics.
That swell didn't push through at any of them. Ran out of fuel and had to shove this red jellybean of a thing into the nearest servo and walked a mile after to check the surf to span the time it'd take Seamus to wake up and come open up. Cheers boss.

Nah, we went back to where we first checked at about 6.45 this morning - straight down the front. And down a bit.

Kids camp day 3 this afternoon of the first summer surf camp for 2007 at this little surf-school outpost flung out on the west coast of Eire 'ere, Sligo. 1 foot with a 12 knot offshore... Did they have fun?

"Yeah, it wus deedly!"

Can you have fun with the screen-top cam on a powerbook?

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