And this little piggy...

It seems almost overwhelming trying to get things organised for the next month. We're relocating out west to Sligo for another year. There, bombshell (for some) dropped. The shift is happening next weekend – from rolling tarmac to rolling fields. A cottage out on the raggedy peninsula in north County Sligo where, from the backyard, the magnificence of Dartry mountains loom up in the east and to the west the wild Atlantic yawns away in it's glorious topaz vastness. Backyard view of the Darty mountains I'm told that you can't ignore the thunder of the big swells when they assault the rocky reefs – only a mere five-or-so minute spin through the warren of back-country lanes. Oh, to have a 'local' again. Hah, I'm under no illusions of being a local; I think there's still a two-decade probationary period before I might qualify as a 'blow-in'. Maybe the wee fellah will fare better. The shed will serve nicely as a studio space for the printing work but I'll have to mind to keep the chooks out; their enclosed run is out back with loads more room for them to free range out front. How working out here will be in the winter I can think about later. Right now summer is here and there's a market stall to prepare for. I hope the benchtop is ready for the new bottle jack press and screenprinting workstation. It'll be the first time that I've thrown out my wares on a market table and the thought of it both excites and unsettles me. Out in public like this completely naked – so... this is what I do, here it is. How will it go down? There's only one way to find out. I plan to have a range of framed and unframed giclee prints, linocut prints, along with screenprinted shirts, greeting cards and postcards. At the moment it seems like a mountain of things to get organised, the artwork, packaging, marketing, insurance... but sure, it'll come together one way or another and at the very least I plan to have a lot of fun. I'll give a shout with the when and where in due course.

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