Ageless Romance in Derrynane National Park, Co. Kerry

Her skin is alive and dances with subtle ripples teased up softly by invisible breaths from invisible lips which sit close enough to kiss...

She has all day, she has eternity and takes her time... lazily drawing her fingers across his barnacled and beweeded back.

He hunches, ageless and obtuse, angled down and under, she smiles in silence.

Sliding up and away with her gentle rythyms to caress and moisten his lower lying regions.

They share together this subtle divide between two worlds, her every movement a song to soothe him, riding her rippling skin up and over him.

But he moves not, the rock, yet she, the sea, will ever love him - persist through fading aeons to find and tickle his fissures, to lick and loosen till one day he finds he has but fallen back into her arms.

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