"Tools (of the trade?)" - sketch

"More to life..." such was spat from the teeth of of the "gifted and talented" only some stunted years past, Still to date I've attempted reasoning with such a quip (was such for jest? ...surely not more than so?) Rasping viscerally through countless layers does such a disdainfully flung phrase weather, Surely such had been flung haphazardly, with vague carelessness, was ...in jest? "Tools (of the trade?)" - sketch by Ian Jermyn I waver unconvinced, muted, and some three and a half years hence, afloat... I have slid afore the fleshy palms of countless artisans of the craft for whom, Such a vocation has filled the minds, the plates, the hearts of scores and scores... Such crafts have shod many a foot and arched aching hearts for which, Nought has held true for a year or two, or more, a life or more... "More to life..." ...said she. For my thin flesh.. she is not to blame; nor should, nor will, she be named. Zealots of insight may the fervent be for and unto their own, I for one may have professed my adhesions to more or less those in-firm .. Threads stretch out now... More is yet to come in the form of that, to those few... who may fidget & twist to a scent askew, which could tickle loose the visceral wattles of the birds who would but smile prior to acknowledgment. Apologies for the delay; although, those who would require such, and read thus far... ...more delusion; I fathom that it is simply some peak a la pique... piquant; avast!

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