Soft sediments

fishfull Here knits above the shorts just lines ejected and passing evoked loose, set adrift
"d'yeh know when you're driftin' an awake..?" Yes "..from sleeping"
Mmm, you were saying, interupting, augmenting, distracting, disrupting. She was channelling abandon with a delicious disconnection - barely audible, vaguely conscious. From a profound portal on the wall spat visceral, visual effluent. Control is apparently at hand but all the flicks, button-pressing depressions neglects the basic human rights.. anomaly & fallacy. Nuzzle the teat; speciesist communism. Luxury holiday is locked in a box. She begged me to bed. It's a myth. I would've lusted after & drowned all that resided without - senses first; these incantations have been approached with vulgarity & disrespect. No turn a good one; none bad - all curved and maligned. Hope for the rest; moreso - to with winds with yehs. Can I recall... "All power to the people". These areas are the first to go; Sea-level rise, global warming. It's all a novelty. Await this fool, this clown infamous - much sung about but not seen. Metaphor swarms thick with holes. Draw ink but not like blood. Not like it should, as needed, as yet.

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