62nd Annual Meeting of the British Phycological Society

On-campus orientation poster - British Phycological Society's 62nd Annual Meeting"Seaweed you say? I'd love to help!" This year the British Phycological Society's 62nd Annual Meeting is being held where I spend my time when I'm not illustrating, the Ryan Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland). Me, well I'll be getting three shades of nerdy with the best of them for the two and a half days of talks on ecology, applied phycology and  harmful algal blooms. Oh... and the fight is on for front row seats to Dr. Chuck Amsler's plenary lecture, “Chemical mediation of Antarctic macroalgal-herbivore interactions.” I jumped at the opportunity to get something fresh and salty out that would advertise the event - hopefully something a little different from the clip-art and word-processor promotional stuff that comes out at the last-minute, usually accompanied by, "Ahh sure, it's really not that important, just whip something up." The BPS committee had only a short timeframe in which a main promotional poster, and another directing the conference attendees around campus to the venue, was to be organised. They were delighted with what I turned out in the nick of time. Budget? Forget it - seaweed research is my delight and so was this opportunity.

Event poster - British Phycological Society's 62nd Annual Meeting


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