Strandhill Allotments: breaking new ground

Follow the creation plantation at the Strandhill Allotments blog

After leaving quite a substantial backyard down in Tasmania which featured a huge vege patch and free-ranging open run for four inspirational chickens, it has been a welcome boon to be able to become a part of developing Strandhill's new Allotments project. Follow the dirt-flinging Facebook activity at the Strandhill Allotments page In Ireland a large number of community allotments are growing strong throughout the counties so there is a wealth of established resources to draw upon during the SA's first scratching of the soil. They've only just wrangled permission from the council after several months of foundation work. About 30 folks are keen to get stuck in and grow their own. It should be good fun. I got to have a little fun without yet getting the wellies on. Some snappy graphics to fit out their simple Wordpress Blog and Facebook page. If you're Strandhill-based and interested in exploring the enriching journey of following your food from plot to plate then head to the blog or FB to find out more.

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