Farewell ducky

"Duck" - wood, rubber & acrylic paint by Ian JermynIt was with a twinge of regret that the wilds of Tasmania were abandoned. Escaped North, some 3000 kms,  to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, our little car a cocoon against 40-something degree heat. Seemingly endless packing and paperwork since November last year has been tedious but the trajectory has been inspirational. Lucky enough to have snagged some great waves up at Point Cartwright; fun runners on borrowed boards. Surfing in board-shorts, no shirt, no boots, no rubber - this will be a novel memory that I'll be packing as I head north, returning to Ireland where we'll be putting some roots in. Last bit of fun was to carve out a wooden toy duck for my nephew. Classic design with the rubber feet that make him wobble as he gads about the carpet. There's bark off his beak already though... Hmmph... they just don't make kids like they used to.  

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