• Musings

    Delusional froth or ignorant bliss?

    G walks away happy

    With all but the twinny still in hospital the trip north was much simplified. No agonising over which boards to jam into the little car or strap to the roof.  Should I bring a log, or both, if I’m catching up with…? No. Twinny in,  suits in a bucket and away. En-route the call from G came through with a recommendation.

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  • Happenings

    Diamonds in the rough

    Wind-up toy

    A working week like pulled taffy… focus and functionality progressively drawn out, twisted and distorted. The colours and shapes, though still there, now some filamentous vagueness. Only there at that Friday evening terminus can one attempt to gather the unspooled self and make a pile from which, possibilities for the following days can be considered. Outside the atmosphere is seething… the wind inciting unrest.

    At this point, some of us smile knowingly at the simplicity of what would seem the most appropriate, even rational, response. Rebirth yourself into the weekend at full speed to meet a berzerking sea, itself thrashing with disconsolate fury into the faces of some sullen West-coast headlands.

    Wild West collage 3

    The car’s thermometer bottomed out finally at -0.5 degrees. Amidst another squall, walloping gusts makes us shudder sideways again over the median strip. No need to start so early but there’s little solace; the dour weather has brooded the gloom of the past dark hours onward into the mid-morning. On first inspection, the tide seems to be shirking its responsibilities and the swell plays coy, reclusive ’till tickled deep down where it wants before stirring.

    Wild West collage 2

    But eventually it comes and we disrobe.

    Despite the low-digit degrees making the sleety rain prick like pins, the appropriate accoutrements are wrestled on with fetishistic zeal of the masochist. The wind whips savagely at our boards, shrieking its threats to tear them from our clawed fingers and obliterate them down the long boulder-strewn point. Falling finally, bodily exhausted into the sea, the foam presses hard at the chest and the ordeal of paddling out into the gale begins for the first of many, many repetitions.

    Wild West collage 1

    Sixty-something kilometer-an-hour, and then some, winds lift sheets of foam spray on any shift of chop foolish enough to rear too tall from the sea’s surface. Another squall shrieks in and with it, bitter beads of hail blast at the only skin exposed – full facial dermal abrasion. Little respite is possible for without the incessant stroking back into the wraith-like lee of the headland, one would be lost out into the bay and beyond.

    Wind-up toy

    And yet we were the wealthiest creatures alive for our wages were paid in diamonds…

  • Happenings

    What’s on the inside…

    Optional extras

    The wind drops and there may be just enough, from the right direction, at the right tide for… going hunting. Choosing to pass on the en-mass patronage of those days of thunder in favour of a search for silence and small sliders. The incredible diversity of the coastline out here is highly conducive to such pursuits.

    Chilly beans out West

    While Herculean monsters heave-ho on the outer banks, the deep pulses probe further in vibrating headlands as they swing inward, bending and distorting as they shuck out scything embayments, warping about a myriad of little islets before laughing out loud over bewildered bombies and quiet sand or pebbled strands of the inner reaches whose experience is oft limited to burbling tidal chuckles or wind-blown sniggers.

    Optional extras

    A single fin and that way-back swing that only a big log provides is the only sensible way to slide these things. Strange occasions are these to find waves pushing in this deep but here is true solace. With a tiny window for opportunism, the search is frantic and furtive but it’s hard to appear discreet tipping along with racks stacked with nine-plus planks and foreign car reg.

    Boreen gem

    We’re scrambling about the tatty roads out there ‘somewhere’ (I’m often lost and gleeful of it) with, at best, scraps of doodles on maps for guidance but mostly tickling hunches. The car swerves again back onto the pot-holed and frosty black top after drifting from the distractions of the wildly gesticulating passenger to yet another spurt of foam from behind a crumbling stone wall or salt-buckled hedge of blackberry and furze.


    Sure it cold, sure we drove two hours and more to get there and then some and sure it’s dark soon after 4pm. It sure was empty though and You can be sure I’m heading for the boonies again just as soon as I get the chance.

  • Happenings

    Point taken

    Choice chunk

    “Annual leave doesn’t roll-over so you’d better take it.”

    Yes boss. This the inevitable mid-winter gluttony – get what you can, when you can. Fun size with a good period and no wind. Leave at dark and get back at dark. Now, at this stage of the evening I’m in bits; involuntarily twitching from the bends and buckles composited after several hours of attrition in the Atlantic.

    Point taken

    One lone ranger had this to themselves. Waist-high and ruler-edged the whole way through; 100m? So much serenity

    Draining right

    Shallow, square and empty. Despite this however, 15 or so others were happy enough to hustle and thrash about for shifty peaks only 50-or-so metres away without giving it a sideways glance.

    Out there

    Drain-pipe two

    Morning of the...

    Drain-pipe one

    Rhinoplasty required

    The inevitable. Any suggestions as to the nearest rhinoplasty specialist on the West coast?

    Choice chunk

    The choicest of chunks saved for last. Sums up the above really. Visions of the molars on this beast will devour me in my nightmares for weeks to come. I am always more than happy to volunteer my meat whenever it awakes hungry and disgruntled.

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    Driving inspiration

    West coast drainer

    Working full-time has brought odd changes in lifestyle. Endless hours seep away as eyeballs turn to jelly and adhere to microscope eyepieces searching for specific shapes on the tips of hairs sprouting from the eyebrows of tiny worms; passing time in transit trying to force down the food-like substances sold at exorbitant prices whilst en-route to week-long conferences or workshops in weird  and wonderful locations. Weekends are now approached like annual holidays – most of them ‘the best xmas ever’.

    One of the joys of my life is the little car. Pack it well and hit the roads in darkness. It’s not thirsty and loves the miles.

    Another West coast drainer

    It has never said a word about sitting on headlands, at the ends of mucky farmer’s tracks or in sea-side car-parks in frigid temperatures getting blasted by salt spray.West coast drainer

    It is the benign, smiling Yoda of surf exploration, “heavy you are not, shoulder your burden I will.” The West coast is full of treasures.

  • Artwork

    Be prepared

    Be prepared

    Heading north tomorrow. Catch up with a few good heads to go sliding with. It might not be the only place, but the West coast of Ireland in mid-November is a sure bet to score some offshore slip-sliders with no-one but you and your mates. You never know just what you’re going to find at the end of those frosty little bóithríns. Bring everything.

    Be prepared