About Ian Jermyn

Ian JermynI’m Australian born illustrator currently living in Hobart, Tasmania, with my wife and our little fellah. My inspiration comes from wild spaces, land and sea, and the weirdness of the things that move through them. My illustration and printmaking work is a mix of the quirky, playful and unexpected.

I’ve been riding waves for most of my life and, after getting used to the cold, reckon the best waves of my life in Ireland – no crowds, no sunburn, and none of those fellas in the grey suits. I’ve been a bit obsessed with riding surfmats over the past few years and I’m currently collaborating with Matt Fedden of Mc Surfmats to create these incredible, inflatable wave-riding craft.

The name Organic Devolution was originally screen-printed onto t-shirts for a local surf-meet on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 2003. Since then, it has been a leaky umbrella under which illustration, design, printmaking and other creative work has developed.